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Bon Bini na Boneiru! Welcome to Bonaire, a beautiful tropical island in the Caribbean that officialy belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Bon Bini means welcome in Papiamento, and this language along with Dutch are the official languages of this extraordinary part of The Netherlands.

Visiting Bonaire for a tropical holiday is an experience without boundaries. This island that is situated in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea lies just of the coast of Venzuela and has a surface of 294 square kilometres. It is part of the ABC islands Aruba, Bonaire and curacao that are also called the windward Antilles, which are again part of the lesser Antilles. The history of this island dates back almost a millennium, and it has been under Dutch authority since, give or take, four hundred years. Since the country The Netherlands Antilles dissolved in 2010, Bonaire has received the rather remarkable status as a special municipality within The Netherlands. This made an end to all the dissatisfaction of the inhabitants of Bonaire towards its relationship with Curacao. The island of Bonaire will for many people simultaneously mean: Sun, sea, holiday and last minute travels, which this island fortunately has in abundance. There are many nicknames that have been given to this island, such as ‘Divers Paradise’ or ‘Water sports Paradise’, which in fact are very true. Above all it is a lovely holiday island that besides the sea, also has to offer a wonderful tropical inland. To enjoy all this island has to offer, you do not have to own a villa on Bonaire, although this island may be less touristic than the other two ABC islands, there are plentiful resorts, hotels and apartments for your accommodation.

You can visit Bonaire for its rich history, but of course you could also just visit this island to enjoy the sun, the sea and the endless blue sky. Bonaire is a genuine paradise for anyone who is into water sports as swimming, surfing and above all diving. The west coast offers you as a diver a beautiful coral reef where the most extraordinary tropical fish reside. Besides surfing, you can also go sailing, and even hang-gliding is a possibility. After a busy day filled with activities it is nice to enjoy the lovely food and drinks full of fresh tropical ingredients in a restaurant on Bonaire. Although this island is less touristic than Aruba and Curacao, people who seek a more tranquil holiday, or those who come to enjoy its excellent water sports possibilities, prefer this island. On Bonaire, car rental is possible whereby you will be able to explore the island and to go on safari in the Washington Slagbaai National Park. Because of the small scale of this tropical island it is possible to return to your hotel after a day of enjoying all the lovely aspects this island has to offer you. Booking your Bonaire hotel will mainly happen in combination with your flight via your tour operator or other travel specialists. They know the way around and could find you the best last minute deals in order for you to save some money. An apartment for your stay on Bonaire can also best be booked via a tour operator.

On this website we will guide you to the best tour operators that have the most attractive holiday Bonaire offers for you in store. Travelling to Bonaire will mostly happen by airplane, and there are direct flights to this tropical paradise on a daily basis. Apart from that, Bonaire is also very accessible from surrounding countries. Its location close to the northern coast of South America makes it very appealing to come to a rest on this relaxing island after a pulsating journey through South America. For a lovely recuperation holiday it is possible to book a last minute holiday Bonaire before going back home and to get back to work once again. Thereby you are able to choose from a wide range of hotels and resorts, but you can also choose to stay on Bonaire in an apartment or holiday villa. There is choice in abundance, and that is a good thing, seeing that tourism is the main source of income on Bonaire. Salt mining is also very important for the economy, and this can obviously be seen if you take a look on the south side of this island. This part of the island is studded with salt fields. Seawater is pumped into these salt fields, and consequently the sun evaporates the water, leaving only salt behind. The island of Bonaire has lots of things to offer which you could not come across anywhere else in the world.

There is a lot to do on this tropical island in the Caribbean area, which makes a home to just over fifteen thousand inhabitants. As soon as you look at the possibilities for car rental on Bonaire and consequently rent a car, you can go and explore the island. However, you could also choose to book several activities and excursions. If you’d rather get in to the water, sailing on Bonaire is a splendid option, which you can book at numerous local companies. For divers there is more than enough to be seen concerning the under water wildlife such as the many rare fish species, coral reefs or the sea turtles this island is famous for. If you would rather hang around on the beach for some time to relax on Bonaire, there are also plentiful possibilities. This tropical island in the Caribbean is renowned as a paradise for its lovely sea, friendly inhabitants and its beautiful nature. You can get to know this wonderful island from your own Bonaire holiday villa, or from the most luxurious hotels and resorts. This island provides everything for the traveler that would like something different than the usual. Let yourself be amazed by this beautiful island and all the surprises that come along with this magical place.
Eden Beach Resort
Eden Beach is a small-scale resort, located on a white sandy beach. The resort is situated about 2 km. from the capital Kralendijk.

Hotel Plaza Resort
The Van der Valk Plaza resort has a unique position directly at the beautiful white beach. Hotel van der Valk Plaza is surrounded by palms and other exotic plants that give a peaceful atmosphere to the suites.


Bonaire Lagoen Hill

Situated in the hills nearby Lagoon Bay, you will find the the Lagoen Hill Bungalows in a peaceful neighbourhood overlooking the beautiful island of Bonaire. A great base that provides a wide diversity of activities on Bonaire. Both underwater, as above the surface of the water.

Hotel Captain Don Habitat

This number one diving resort on Bonaire, built by diving pioneer Captain Don, consists of hotel rooms as well as bungalows. This complex is known by divers across the whole world and is situated directly at the sea. Its diving and snorkeling facilities belong to the best of Bonaire.